February 12, 2020

Love is Everywhere!

February is filled with citrus and sunshine out here in California. We also look forward to the cherry blossoms boasting their beauty on trees all around town. So reds, pinks and sweetness seems appropriate for this month and for Valentine's day! We got to shoot a fun cover for a national food magazine that featured the bold colors and juiciness of blood oranges fashioned into hearts. Here is a fun little GIF showing our progression!

Here are some fun facts about blood oranges:

1. Blood oranges have been shown to improve cardiovascular health- they are good for your HEART!
 2. Blood Oranges have anthocyanins in them. That is the stuff that makes blueberries blue and raspberries red- so you get the benefits of two fruits in one!
3. Blood oranges are sweet but they have less sugar than regular oranges.                                               

November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite things to shoot is Holiday for clients. I have been dazzled and enchanted by the traditions, decorations and imagination that goes along with the holidays since I was a kid. It is a time to celebrate, to come together, to cook, eat and laugh together. It is also a time to embellish, imagine and leave the plain ole real world behind for a few months. Work done for BiRite Market, Eating Well Magazine and Miller Coors. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

September 25, 2019

Summer's Gone, Back to School Bites, Dairy Free Grilled Cheese Sammies!

I have been noticing that more of my Fast Casual, Fast Food and Casual Dining Clients are offering  organic, sustainable and diet sensative options in their menus. Like the Impossible burger at places like Applebee's, McDonald's promoting sustainable farming through it's program Flagship Farmers. These grilled cheese sandwiches made with gooey, delicious non dairy cheese (shot for our Non Diary cheese client DAIYA.)  Can't wait to see where they will show up next!

May 16, 2019

Spring has Sprung!

New promo going out. Last week my neighbor popped over with some fresh eggs from his chickens. He was apologetic for all the noise they have been making. I was thrilled at the beautiful eggs he cradled in his hands, he had no idea what a gift he had brought over. I told him that I love the chicken noises, the crabby clucking of "chicken finger" protesting that his caretakers have stopped giving him people food. Lola my impetuous Pug, squawks back, as if they are having an argument. These lovely eggs aren't the neighbor eggs, but they remind me of my noisy feathered neighbors.

Eggs signify rebirth, thus used as symbols for Easter. Spring is my favorite time of year, the light, the freshness, the new life. Here is to Spring!

May 7, 2019

Miami Stories-An Instagram Series- Travelogue Meets Free Association

I have a hard time resisting taking photographs when I travel to new cities and locations. I remember when my father told me about a practice that his photographer friend Bruce Davidson used to do.  He would walk around the same city block again and again and again. Each day searching out new things to photograph. It was a way of training himself to really look, and begin to see more and more. When I go somewhere, I like to look for the photographs, not just the scenic ones that you would want for your travelogue or magazine travel spread, but ones that tell something deeper about the place. A photograph of a detail, a color, the kind of light. This all must sound familiar, since I talk about these things all the time for my food photography. I like creating a series on Instagram, usually shooting with my iPhone - consisting of 10 images that create kind a poetic story about the place. Random, but aesthetically chosen that create a whimsical tale of sorts. I drag in photos of my poor family and a friend or two now and then for guest appearances so maybe there is a hero to the story, or a villain. Viewer's discretion. Here is my latest city series/ story. I went to Miami for work and discovered an amazing culture, language, sassy attitude, music, beauty, grit, art, passion, light and heat. Sweet, salty, acid heat almost!

April 16, 2019

Communication Arts and American Photography Award Recognition for Still Life Food Images

It hasn't always been easy to get award recognition for still life work, and food work is even more of a niche category. Personally I think that still life imagery can speak to any subject, represent pretty much anything through symbolism or literally. It is why I think it is a great "language" to use when trying to convey a message or feeling and it is why I have focused my work in this field. It is always nice to get some recognition for the hard work we do. This month, my work was recognized by both American Photography Awards and also Communication Arts Photo Award Annual.

April 9, 2019

New Motion Work: Celebrating the Time Honored Tea Tradition of Chai

As drink that is not just enjoyed but also is an ancient tradition for the people of India, Chai has now captured attention in the US and around the world. It whispers of secret tales, riches and remedies. It's taste, smell and even how it is made has layers of mystique and intrigue. Dusty, rich, aromatic. Hints of cinnamon and citrus? The healing powers add more to the intrigue. Something so good offers up the healing antioxidant powers of the spices that are toasted and then brewed into the caramel colored beverage. Gosh, I am finding myself wanting one just thinking about it.

My team and I were inspired by this assignment, excited to take the visual voyage in capturing a bit of the essence of this culinary tradition. We wanted to focus on the elements closely, the movement and at the same time the stillness and meditative quality, the seductiveness of the process and the appetite appeal.