April 19, 2017

March 15, 2017

Collaborating with Fellow Photographer David Martinez to Create Stills and Video for Beer Campaign

A recent project came my way that required stills and video. The project was with an Art Director who I had worked with in the past, who knew my style and thought that I would be a good fit for the project. When a client shows me that kind of support for my work, I will pretty much give up my first born for them. The project grew to require video as well as still work done. While I have shot video before, I felt that I wanted my main focus to be on shooting the stills for the campaign, so I looked for a videographer to partner with. My rep, Heather Elder suggested another one of her photographers as someone to collaborate with on the video portion. I have known David since we both shot for Health Magazine (he shot the yoga shots, I shot the food,) so felt that we would work well together. I like the idea of photographers working together. Here is a few snapshots of the shoot (which was so much fun! Hard work, but so much fun!) I can't share the photo we took just yet!

February 13, 2017

Creating Work for Valentine's Day

As a photographer, you have to be a visual problem solver, but also a creative one too.  Whenever Valentine's day rolls around, as a food photographer I try to resist the typical Valentine's day subject matter. I try to think about what a day like this means, both visually and conceptually, and how that would take form in a still life image.

Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love.  It has a curious history that started with Christian Martyrdom and then evolved into a day that celebrated romantic love during 18th century England when courtly love flourished and it was common to lavish affection with gifts of flowers, sweets and greeting cards.

I was struck recently by a speech during Harvard Graduation in which a poem by Raymond Carver was read.  It is a poem that asks what is the most important thing in life- and answers- to feel BELOVED. I think we all recognize how important it is for humans and animals to feel that they are loved. Sometimes we harden ourselves to this need and say it isn't that important, or we forget how much we need it. Valentine's day is a day to remember that need. To appreciate the love that you both give and receive. And I'm not talking just about the love you are feeling for the decadent chocolatey goodness in this photo!

January 9, 2017

Starting the Morning (and New Year) Off Right!

I had a few free days at the beginning of this New Year and found some wonderful fellow collaborators (stylists) to start the year playing in the studio. Here are a few photos from our session. I always love shooting breakfast. More to come later!

September 13, 2016

Sharing Some New Published Work

When a client you have worked with for a number of years leaves the company you are shooting for (in this case a publishing client) it is a concern that the person who replaces them will want to work with new people. I am always thrilled to be given the opportunity to continue the relationship with the new client. In fact, my team embraces the opportunity to approach the assignments under a different directive. This is what happened recently and below is some work that we did for a cool new client who has a wonderful sense of food.

August 23, 2016

Hot and Juicy- Grill Shoots at the Studio

The benefit of having a studio in San Francisco is that we can accommodate a grilling shoot easily- moving the "show" outside to the studio garden, has been a real asset, especially when we need access to all the studio has to offer (accommodating kitchen, Wifi for clients, access to grip and camera gear). This last month we have had three shoots where we took the shoot outdoors to the garden. Another benefit of being is SF- is that we don't typically have to worry about rain days!

Here is some of the fun we had outside!

Below is a promotional piece we created from some of the work shot for the various projects.

Lola, the Spatchcock Pug, is on our set "art director" making sure everything smells just right!

April 28, 2016

Are Printed Promos Dead? It Seems Not!

There have been discussions for a number of years about how clients ( art buyers, art directors, designers, photo buyers, producers) find out about a photographer's work. Now there are so many ways for them to find work. Current thinking suggests that the printed promo is obsolete. That clients don't like receiving all that mail because then they need to find a place to store it. The computer - and now I would say the smartphone - has done away with the old school method of opening up a file cabinet or box and sifting through all the promos that have been sent.

I send them anyway. I personally still like print (despite the extra time that my team and I spend working with our printer to get the colors and tones just right) I like the physicality of them and I guess so do some of my clients! In fact one of them was sweet enough to send me a photo of his office wall covered in my promos! This blew me away- it made all that work worth while. There is something so validating about knowing that your work is not just selling your client's products, but people are enjoying it as well!