February 12, 2020

Love is Everywhere!

February is filled with citrus and sunshine out here in California. We also look forward to the cherry blossoms boasting their beauty on trees all around town. So reds, pinks and sweetness seems appropriate for this month and for Valentine's day! We got to shoot a fun cover for a national food magazine that featured the bold colors and juiciness of blood oranges fashioned into hearts. Here is a fun little GIF showing our progression!

Here are some fun facts about blood oranges:

1. Blood oranges have been shown to improve cardiovascular health- they are good for your HEART!
 2. Blood Oranges have anthocyanins in them. That is the stuff that makes blueberries blue and raspberries red- so you get the benefits of two fruits in one!
3. Blood oranges are sweet but they have less sugar than regular oranges.                                               

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