May 16, 2019

Spring has Sprung!

New promo going out. Last week my neighbor popped over with some fresh eggs from his chickens. He was apologetic for all the noise they have been making. I was thrilled at the beautiful eggs he cradled in his hands, he had no idea what a gift he had brought over. I told him that I love the chicken noises, the crabby clucking of "chicken finger" protesting that his caretakers have stopped giving him people food. Lola my impetuous Pug, squawks back, as if they are having an argument. These lovely eggs aren't the neighbor eggs, but they remind me of my noisy feathered neighbors.

Eggs signify rebirth, thus used as symbols for Easter. Spring is my favorite time of year, the light, the freshness, the new life. Here is to Spring!

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