May 7, 2019

Miami Stories-An Instagram Series- Travelogue Meets Free Association

I have a hard time resisting taking photographs when I travel to new cities and locations. I remember when my father told me about a practice that his photographer friend Bruce Davidson used to do.  He would walk around the same city block again and again and again. Each day searching out new things to photograph. It was a way of training himself to really look, and begin to see more and more. When I go somewhere, I like to look for the photographs, not just the scenic ones that you would want for your travelogue or magazine travel spread, but ones that tell something deeper about the place. A photograph of a detail, a color, the kind of light. This all must sound familiar, since I talk about these things all the time for my food photography. I like creating a series on Instagram, usually shooting with my iPhone - consisting of 10 images that create kind a poetic story about the place. Random, but aesthetically chosen that create a whimsical tale of sorts. I drag in photos of my poor family and a friend or two now and then for guest appearances so maybe there is a hero to the story, or a villain. Viewer's discretion. Here is my latest city series/ story. I went to Miami for work and discovered an amazing culture, language, sassy attitude, music, beauty, grit, art, passion, light and heat. Sweet, salty, acid heat almost!

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