February 26, 2019

Vision Through Editorial Collaboration

Trends are everywhere, and sometimes we aren't even aware of how they are impacting our lives. A crucial aspect of being a food photographer is keeping up with trends. That's why it is always such a pleasure to work with relevant publications that explore new ideas.

My ongoing collaboration with the national healthy eating publication Eating Well has been another way my team has stayed on top of new trends. Eating Well strives to stay on top of food and style trends in the food world and reflect them in its pages. Working with this team is inspiring, and some of the stories I've shot for them have won James Beard Awards. It has been an honor to have been assigned some of their cover photographs, which are always fun to do! These covers feature a variety of foods and exemplify a sense of wellness. I love the challenge of finding the right perspective to bring to these covers and the range of content I've worked with. 

The most recent issue of Eating Well was so relevant for me. The whole issue is about California, where I live, work, eat and cook for my family. And the story I got to photograph celebrates the amazing California Avocado! Especially relevant since it is a favorite food in my family, Eva's friends requesting it for breakfast when they stay over. I love it as a delicious way of getting our Omega 3's which are so good for brain health. Plus avocados are so visually appealing! 

Cover of Eating Well Magazine: The California Issue featuring photography from Leigh Beisch

Cover of Eating Well Magazine featuring Leigh Beisch Photography

Cover of Eating Well Magazine featuring Leigh Beisch Photography

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