February 13, 2019

Letting My Intuition Be My Visionary Guide

"I believe that art can heal and passion for food, wellness, art, and social causes fuels all that I do." - Leigh Beisch

We wanted to know how Leigh Beisch developed her intuition for photography. Was it her brain on auto-pilot, was it learned or a combination of the two? We asked Leigh about her background, influences, and vision for the future. Here is what she had to say:
Growing up under the spirited influences of an advertising creative director dad and a mom that worked in fashion before she became a poet meant learning about life from a visual perspective and being able to communicate in different ways. Our house was filled with inspiration. From stacks of fashion and literary magazines to stories and visits from well-known photographers and writers. Later at RISD, I was challenged to think about the applications of creativity, discovering what drives me to create (content) and light, always the light.

Today I channel many of those influences; whether I am collaborating with clients or creating work for myself, I strive to bring a perspective of beauty and nurturing to a world inundated with messaging and imagery. My approach to collaboration is empathic - always considering the project from start to finish and in an authentic, integrated fashion. Every element of production is mindfully considered to translate my photographs into powerful, yet nuanced statements. As I discovered through poetry, I still love the element of surprise and adopt a fearless approach when it comes to exploring ideas and trying new and unexpected things. With an eye towards the future in my DNA, I’m always looking to riff and change, adapt and roll, no matter how simplistic or complex.

Through my photographs, I aim to give back and demonstrate how beautiful imagery can equate to a sense of health and well-being.
I am drawn to the natural light and strive to use it in its authentic and transparent way. I’ve always believed that the best imagery reflects an iconic moment in time and culture, and I always look forward to seeing where the world is going and how my work can reflect popular minds and moods with my point-of-view.

I believe that art can heal and passion for food, wellness, art, and social causes fuels all that I do. As my career continues to evolve, I’m always looking for ways to engage with the human condition and how to demonstrate how truly connected we all are in this big picture called life.
Check out Leigh's latest stills and motion on her new website or follow her on Instagram for more professional food photography, and to witness her exploration of how food and family nourish and nurtures.

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