March 7, 2019

Feeling Optimistic with a Fresh New Website

Leigh Beisch photography compilation Nothing makes you feel more excited than to share new work. As a photographer, sharing my work is both exciting and challenging. I strive to bring a fresh perspective of beauty to a world flooded with imagery.

It is for that reason am incredibly excited to share with you my new website. Every element is carefully considered as part of translating photos into powerful statements.

The way this website functions allows me to show, interactively, what my work is all about. Not just the different subject matter that I can shoot or the lighting. It shares a mindful approach to what I care about. Explaining what drives me and what my passion is. This website features foods and moods from sweets to drinks to what is on the table. There are also collections of fine art work, motion, and some of my favorite moments behind the scenes.

Through this new website, I get to share my commercial work, my tear sheets, my studio, my social media and also my personal work, a series of abstract landscapes.

My hope is that it becomes clear that the way I approach my work is through intuition. Passion for food, wellness, art and social causes fuels what I do. Imagery is powerful, it can change the way that you view the world around you. Through exploring this website I hope it leaves you feeling as encouraged and optimisitc as I do.

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