January 17, 2019

Festive Super Bowl Appetizers for the Big Day

This Sunday my father who just moved here from Boston, will come over to my house to watch the Super Bowl and to yell and scream at the TV, rooting for his team, guess who?! The Patriots have kept us entertained for a few years now, keeping us on our toes until the end and then winning the game giving us New Englander's a feeling of relief and patriotism. This year, I teamed up with a my own fun group. Food stylist and blogger Betsy Haley and prop stylist Mikhael Romain to create some fun, colorful veggie chip appetizers and such that could be served at not just fancy holiday parties, but Super Bowl or Emmy watching as well! Veggie chips add a layer of color, texture and healthfulness to the mix. Also using these colorful veggies to create fun and healthy dips as well.
Adding some sweet jam to a baked brie makes this appetizer completely irresistible. The sweet coolness of the jam contrasting with the warm savory cheese- oh boy!

Additional bonus for a quick, sweet pick-me-up ending- Affagato's! (ice cream in a pool of creamy coffee!)

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