January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Steve Jobs said "you have to work hard to get your thinking clean and make it simple."

This quote is from a book that I am reading entitled "Antifragile-Things That Gain from Disorder." The author, Nicholas Taleb uses this quote from Jobs as a way of supporting his theory that we need to get back to a more "simple and natural" system, and away from the manufactured, over predicted one that we have. He argues that the more we try to predict things, trying to control their outcome by manufacturing reality, the more fragile we become. And when the unpredictable occurs (and it always does) those systems that are fragile will not survive. He is a proponent of the "Antifragile" as he puts it- a system that doesn't try to predict, but is prepared to not just survive any shock that comes along (anything from a financial crisis to an earthquake), but actually gains strength from it. He states that Nature is Antifragile- it has weathered so many assaults and shocks and still persists. He proposes to let the simple and natural take their course. I have always been an advocate of the simple and natural. Systematically I use it as part of my personal philosophy and in my business.

So I guess my New Year's resolution is to stay strong to that conviction. Keep things organic, flowing, simple and natural.

Ingredient and recipe shots for Paleo Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam/ Ten Speed Press

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