December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays! Reflections on Red

This year for my holiday card I thought about what the holidays and the end of the year means. Usually it is a time of gathering and reflection, of giving and appreciation. I decided to "reflect" on the past year by "gathering" a few of my images, doing what I like to do in my spare time- collecting, collaging and putting things together. I like the idea of a collection of images to create an experience. I worked with this theme when I was a visiting student at The Chicago Art Institute. I was inspired by David Hockney's collages of snapshots- almost cubistic look at a landscape or portrait. A multifaceted experience of the subject. It is a nice way to depict the experience of something- after all experiences aren't two dimensional.

This has been a really good year for us and red seemed like a celebratory color to also show appreciation for all the wonderful projects we did this year. The only "blue" note this year has been the loss of Miss Bella. We sorely miss her puggy face. We will also miss some fabulous crew members who have moved on to do their own thing. We welcome some also fabulous new crew members here at the studio! Here is to a new year, a new pug, new crew and some great new projects!

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