June 26, 2012

The Power of Pup

Two weeks ago I lost what I consider a big part of my business/brand (and my life in general!)- Bella.  Bella was the sweet little fawn Pug that ran my studio. She contributed to life at the studio in many ways. She was assistant- to- the- food- stylist's- assistant, overseeing the kitchen and making sure the floor was spotless, she was the client liaison, keeping them busy taking photos of her sitting upright in oddly humanlike poses with legs outstretched, and more generally, keeping all of us chill and laughing at her silly antics and breathing. Funny how a little mongrel will do this. 

It isn’t easy to put your finger on something that has such an impact on you, like this cute little thing did. So it was hard for me but I pulled together a collection of photos of her and posted them on Facebook. I was amazed at the response I got from people who knew her even in the smallest way.  But why am I surprised? Dogs (and pets) touch most of our lives in profound ways.  I make a point of creating a fun, relaxing and inspiring environment at my studio in order to create work that inspires these emotions. Bella was an important part of creating that environment. There seemed to be a universal connection to Bella. It was rare to find a client or crew member who didn’t succumb to her charms, and I would find them hovered over her polka dot bed, rubbing her stomach as she made her alien like pug grunts, ears flapped back and crooked teeth poking out.  I have come to find that when crew and clients are calm and happy, we create even better work. Bella was a real asset to the creative process!

Not that Bella could ever be replaced, but finding myself yearning for the presence of dog: the smell , the heavy breathing, the love and the laughs, I have adopted a new Puggie- Miss Maggie. Welcome NEW PUG ON THE BLOCK! A new era, a new breath of not so fresh pug air!


  1. OMG--Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her. Of course she'll be welcome in Tahoe... A new era of pug pile on pitbull!

  2. It seems that you are good in taking photos. I'm sure that you are using a high quality camera for this.

    1. Yes, I have a number of cameras that I use for different purposes. And I do have a Canon, which I love- the Mark II- a rockin little camera!