January 25, 2012

"Pour" and "Ritual": Two New Videos Up on My Website

Video has been an exciting medium for me to move into. It brings me back to my studies of film and "4D Design" classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. Taking an image and applying the dimensions of time and sound. I have always tried to tell some sort of story in my still imagery, but in video it takes on a new dimension. Very exciting!

I also enjoyed the teamwork that goes into making a video. Each person of a well picked team has something valuable to contribute.


Here is a little description of them:

Ritual is a coffee story.  It is a very short video about the textures, sounds and experience that we have all fallen in love with when brewing a delicious cup of coffee. I can almost smell it!

Pour is a story about a glass of wine being enjoyed by it's owner as she prepares for a dinner party. We "discovered" some interesting visuals while doing this video and decided to use them in the final edit. We wanted to tell a slightly different story about enjoying wine, thus it is enjoyed while preparing for a party not just at a party. We hoped for a sense of quiet moment of enjoyment in anticipation of the event. Relaxing and yet fun. We chose music that could guide the pace of the edits- so the edits could kind of dance along or flow to it rather than just applying sound over an image. We wanted to do a drip at the end to have finality but also show the color and character of the wine.

Both wine and coffee were commanding subjects to work with. The kinds of passions they evoke, the complexities and histories they each hold. We could do a hundred of "stories" about them!

Hope you enjoy our drink "stories"

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