January 31, 2012

Essence of Wine: Honey (an on-going project for wine blog Vinography.com)

Wine blogger Alder Yarrow has a way with words which is why so many people follow his blog.  It is also why Art Director/Stylist Sara Slavin and I decided to collaborate with him on this fantastic project. Here is his introduction to the project found on his blog www.Vinography.com :

Introducing The Essence of Wine

Many facets of wine contribute to its allure and mystery. But foremost among wine's most magical qualities must be the remarkable landscape of flavor and aroma to be found in the glass.

That mere grape juice, given time and the workings of the microscopic kingdom, can yield flavors beyond description has doubtless played a central role in making wine mankind's most historically sacred fluid, beyond our own lifeblood.
With eyes closed, a glass of wine can transport us not only to climes far removed, but also through time. These journeys are provoked by flavor. Our deep sense memories are drawn from their hiding places, and we find ourselves tasting things that a simple liquid ought not to be able to evoke with such unnerving power.

The flavors of wine are magical and beautiful, and worth celebrating, almost as much as they are worth drinking.
It is my pleasure to introduce a new series of weekly content on Vinography called The Essence of Wine.
This writing and photography project has been years in the making. Or more correctly, I have fantasized about it for several years, and only recently encountered the collaborators that I felt could truly help me bring it to life:
Photographer Leigh Beisch: Capturing the soul of food is more difficult than you would think. Food photography these days is glaringly unoriginal and boring for the most part -- often as hopelessly derivative as it is clinically sterile.

Photographer Leigh Beisch's images of food possess a rare beauty, poetry, and warmth that capture the energy and allure of great food.

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