February 12, 2018

Artist Inspirations- Chantal Joffe at Victoria Miro Gallery in London

I find it important to continuously expose myself to ideas, whether it be about business, marketing, parenting or politics. Of course I find ideas about art the most interesting because they take all these things and make it visual, relatable. I was recently reading about the artist Peter Doig, whose work I have come to really admire for it's sense of allegory and courting risk, how it walks the line between repulsion and attraction. Reading about his work, led me to look up the London gallery Victoria Miro.  This galleries seems to show a good example of really good contemporary art. I fell in love with the work of painter- Chantal Joffee. Please check out the links and view her outstanding portraits.  I also loved watching the video of her talking about her recent project for the London Tube station Whitecastle.

"Chantal Joffe brings a combination of insight and integrity, as well as psychological and emotional force, to the genre of figurative art.  Her paintings alert us to how appearances are carefully constructed and codified, whether in a fashion magazine or the family album, and to the choreography of display. "

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