November 18, 2015

Just in Time for Thanksgiving-A Turkey Company Website andSocial Media Update

    "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." 

In my work these past few years there has been greater emphasis placed on assignments crafted specifically for social media needs. Before this, assignments would be primarily focused on Ad work, with social media as a secondary need. Things have changed, and now I seem to be shooting specifically for social media, websites that will attract pins from Pinterest. From that work the agencies will cull which images will work for Ads. Change can be good, and in this case it is. I like this direction as the social media assignments are usually broader in range- meaning larger scale - like a cookbook- so we can approach these shots in an editorial way. We can develop an overall look and feel for the body of work and we can be looser in the styling and compositions since we don't have type overlay to consider.

An example of this is a project that I recently shot for Cargill Turkey. Here is the newly updated website with the recipe photographs I shot, as well as the recent national Ad that is running in magazines like Martha Stewart Living, Eating Well, Cooking Light and Real Simple amoung others.

 Turkey Website Link

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