May 15, 2013

A California State of Mind

There were many reasons I moved out to California from the East Coast. One of them was for a fresh start. Way back when, my now husband and I decided to pull a Jack Kerouac and get rid of all our worldly possessions( I remember my animator husband cutting up his ties with a paper cutter )buy a cheapo car and drive across the country. All the while thinking that if we fancied it-we could put down roots wherever we saw fit. That is an incredibly freeing thought. We experienced a lot of interesting places, but held out until we hit California. And here we have stayed....  Every now and then we have to hit the road- breathe again- and see the sights. A few weeks ago- as a birthday present- my father flew out from the East coast and took care of my daughter for a weekend while Dana and I took a long needed (albeit mini) road trip. Here are some pics from along the way: Santa Cruz had light and poppiness that felt very William Eggleston, Big Sur had a darkness, a history that sank into your bones.

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