October 1, 2012

New McDonald's Menuboard Launch

                                                                                        photo courtesy of Sean Franzen

Last week I found myself in one of my favorite cities: Chicago. It was purely coincidental but I happened to be there visiting one of my longtime clients, McDonald's and their agencies at the very time their new menu board that I photographed launched.  It was a real treat to see the familiar faces, and meet the folks that I had heard about again and again. I even got to check out McDonald's headquarters, which you can imagine is impressive since we are talking about a GLOBAL company. There are meeting rooms with country names on them and such. I felt a bit like I was in a 007 movie! 

It has been thrilling to work on such a global brand and I have been lucky to work with creatives who have since the day they walked into my studio eight years ago, wanted to try to innovate in any way they could. So much of retail work is about communicating a lot of information, so I have found it extremely interesting to see how the creative/art directors bring a fresh approach to each project while satisfying the needs and demands of the retail environment. I have great admiration for them. Not only does it need to look amazing, but it needs to sell- like a LOT!

I appreciate having a long term relationship with a client like this because it sends the message that they trust my vision. When you have that trust, the work is always better.

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